​Maui Preserved is dedicated to handcrafting the produce of the Hawaiian Islands into flavors both traditional and extraordinary. Now you can stock your pantries with pickles, hot sauce, jam, syrup, whole vanilla beans, vanilla bean powder and more from the island of Maui… turning every meal into a slice of paradise.


We put the seasons’ best at your finger tips!

We are a family-owned gourmet foods company based out of the town of Haiku on the Island of Maui


We do pickles, hot sauce, jam, syrup, whole vanilla beans, vanilla bean powder and other seasonal treats

Maui Preserved was founded on the idea of taking height of season produce and crafting pantry items to make the harvests last

Locally, we want to support our amazing farms and provide products that promote both our state economy and sustainability

Globally, we want the world to wake up with a taste of Hawaii in their kitchens

Since incorporating in 2010, we have built relationships with over 20 farmers, packed over 10,000 units, and sold them from New York City to Tokyo


Contact us and we can talk about our treats


PO Box 81443, Haiku HI-96708 - Maui, Hawai'i


+1 (808) 214 8780


OPEN 10am-4pm MON-FRI - HST (UTC-10)

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