Pili Pa’a Spicy Pickled Onions are packed on Maui and deliver all the flavor you need to finish off a poke bowl, plate lunch, sandwich, salad, or snack.   We use pure cane sugar and fresh Maui grown Hawaiian chiles with white vinegar to crisply preserve petals of onion for your next meal.  Simple and highly complimentary to a wide range of flavors. Make Pili Pa’a Sweet Pickled Onions a part of your kitchen today!

Hawaiian chilies added to a sweet vinegar brine deliver an unforgettable pickled onion to be eaten alone or with your favorite dishes.

Warning: Spicy and addictive!

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Content: 12 oz. jar of spicy pickled onions

Ingredients: onion, distilled white vinegar, cane sugar, Hawaiian chiles

Suggested uses: poke bowls, plate lunches,cocktails, dressings, marinades, salads, and garnish

We mean spicy with this one! Packed by Maui Preserved, Pili Pa’a offers you a taste of Hawaii in every jar.  Our Spicy Pickled Onions are just what you need to perk up your lunch, dinner, sandwich, or snack.    


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